A little news. As you know I’ve recently opened a storefront with TeePublic.com and have uploaded many designs. Yesterday I had my very first customer! Who bought no less than FOUR shirts from me! I was THRILLED!

But you can imagine my absolute chagrin when I tried to upload another design and found myself looking at the main front page of the site, logged out. I checked my email and sure enough TeePublic fucking deleted my account. Apparently the latest design I uploaded was against their terms and conditions (if you’re curious it was just the purple and black logo from Nickelodeon’s 90s saturday night lineup called SNICK). Other tees featuring logos can be found alllll over the site, go ahead and look for yourself. But evidently this one was a serious no-no. Who the fuck knew?

Anyways, if by any chance you’re the person who bought from me or if you were intending to buy from me, please just give it a day because I’ve emailed the legal department and asked if they can reconsider the situation. If they’re adamant that my storefront remain closed then I’m going to simply open a new account.

For the time being I’m going to just wait for a response, but please do send good vibes my way that they’ll restore my shop and I can get my designs back.

Thanks! I’ll keep you updated! <3

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